Meet Rakshit, the founder of 'TechSahayata'

Rakshit founded 'TechSahayata' his platform for digital community empowerment which has now touched over 35,000 lives.

Updated on: 29 Sep 2022 7:59 AM GMT
Meet Rakshit, the founder of TechSahayata

Lucknow: Hailing from a family of socially committed members, it is no surprise that Rakshit has grown into the bright, conscientious young man that he is.

In 2020, while he was in 9th grade, Rakshit founded 'TechSahayata' his platform for digital community empowerment which has now touched over 35,000 lives. TechSahayata's goal is to bridge India's blatant digital divide by delivering easy-to-learn lessons in programming and computer skills that allow members of weak socio-economic groups to find employment. To that end, he designed a bilingual curriculum in programming (Python) and computer science.


Over the last two years, TechSahayata has operated in partnership with several NGOs—Meraki, Nirantar, TPF(Trust, Promise, Fulfill) India, and Navgurukul—all across India to run digital literacy and programming projects. Tech Sahayata's umbrella has birthed a series of initiatives including "Project Rays" - a three-month-long project in Jaipur, Rajasthan wherein Rakshit taught 18 underprivileged HIV-positive kids basic programming and a lot more, increasing their interest in computer science by 84%. Other such efforts include teaching orphans at Ray's for entry-level jobs, teaching hundreds of girls python at Nirantar, and partnering up with Meraki to teach python and typing skills for entry-level tech jobs to thousands of working-age individuals.

However, his impact is not limited to young students. Tech Sahayata has been a significant part of a teaching program that enriched more than 150 government school teachers with the technical skills of python by his organisation. The content TechSahayata created in collaboration with the teachers will be taught to over 20000 children in Haryana and Punjab government schools. He has also partnered with Forbes 30 under 30 - Mr. Abhishek Gupta to onboard teaching volunteers from different countries. In continuation with his engagement with several SCERTs ( State Council of Educational Research and Training), he plans on taking sessions in all the different corners of this country. He has already started a workshop extension in Maharashtra.

In collaboration with Navgurukul, he has conducted job training in residential campuses, covering python and spoken English classes. He is currently teaching over 200 students at Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University which has placed about 50 students in jobs already.

A vertical of his organisation has been collaborating with the Ministry of Tribal Affairs of Rajasthan to expand the initiative's depth and reach to tribal children to teach them tech and life skills to prepare them to contribute to India's developing economy and society respectably. He has also collaborated with RWAs in Haryana and leading corporates PAN India for collection of old computers and laptops for Techsahayata.


Rakshit works tirelessly for his vision. He recently partnered with the American Indian Foundation to become a role model and coach for over 5000 students. Recently, Rakshit reached out to the Haryana and Rajasthan police to pitch his program for the rehabilitation of cyber-convicts into lucrative jobs in the digital world. This endeavour would help them support themselves financially and contribute to society after release.

For his efforts, he was invited to the extremely prestigious Harvard Project for International Relations as a first ever high school delegate to speak about Tech Sahayata to an eminent crowd. He has also received a silver medal by the Pramerica Spirit of Community Foundation for his initiative's impact.



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