Know here what Mathematics Guru tells about Success-Failure of Students

Mathematics guru RK Srivastava said in an address at an academic seminar that all educational institutions are vying to take credit for successful students.

Mathematics guru's big lesson, said this on student's success-failure, took responsibility (Social Media)

Mathematics guru RK Srivastava helps children in dreaming. Day and night, he teach them, prepare for the exam. In such a case, if the student passes with good marks, then it is a big achievement for Guru RK Srivastava. At the same time, he says that I learn about the success of a student, so if any student has failed, then it also becomes my responsibility.

RK Srivastava attends academic seminar

Actually, 15 students got success in JEE Advance this year by studying in world records holder RK Srivastava’s class. RK Srivastava, who attended an educational seminar, told many interesting things about this and said that there is a need to learn from these experiences.

Success is also my and failure is also mine

Mathematics guru RK Srivastava said in an address at an academic seminar that all educational institutions are vying to take credit for successful students. While those educational institutions include hundreds of thousands of talents who have failed, who will take the credit for their failure.

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Mathematics Guru gave message to educational institutions

While giving a message to all those educational institutions, Srivastava said that if all the directors of the coaching institute themselves take credit for successful students, then it is also your responsibility that you will have to take the responsibility of hundreds of students who have failed from your institution. . If you all do this then only a better education environment will be created in the country and in the coming days, India will move forward on the path of becoming a world guru.

The final results of almost all competitive exams, including board exams, engineering entrance exams, have been revealed. For students who are successful, this is a glorious moment, for their parents and teachers like us, this moment becomes more achievements.

You have to fight your failure yourself:

The media has interfered in every corner of the house. We used to study in this room and slept under this fan like the news is flashing again and again. Many new stories and examples are reaching us on the pretext of media and social media and this is the story of all those successful people. , Who is today’s hero.

All teachers should take this oath

Therefore, all of us teachers should take an oath that we will have to take credit for the failed students. All those students who failed, do not give up because those who do not quit, those who leave do not win. Removing the mental hurdle of your failure, all of you get ready anew and in the meantime I am also preparing myself to create new success examples.

Together, we will all try to shape our role better with renewed vigor and enthusiasm. I trust you, I am not going to leave you till the last moment, just keep your faith alive. My success is also my failure, but the flight of spirits is still on. If all of you students believe in themselves, then the world is in your grasp.

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