Bravo SHEROs! It is the 'SHE' who is the real 'HERO'

Arnima Dwivedi
Published on: 7 March 2017 1:11 PM GMT
Bravo SHEROs! It is the SHE who is the real HERO
Bravo SHEROs! It is the 'SHE' who is the real 'HERO'

Lucknow: She fought the odds, she confronted the society. She braved the storms of her life; she dared to stand in front of those who spoiled her luster.

You cannot bear a small burn, she survived acid. You would scream in a cut, she has felt her skin melting with the heat of chemical.

While, everyday, we will put a whole lot of things to look gorgeous; she knows what it costs to be beautiful.

Life for her is not a bed of roses, but she fights so it would not turn into road full of thorns.

For the world she is an acid attack survivor, but for her and many like her, SHE is the real hero, the SHERO…

Some were attacked by others, while some witnessed the cruelty of their near and dear ones. Their body was assaulted but no one could attack their dignity.

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They have suffered what no one else could have but they stood up brave and made the entire universe salute their dedication. They have proved that you can destroy the physical attractiveness but you cannot diminish the beauty of one’s soul.

These Sheros have found a way out to their problems and loneliness and their step has finally been recognized by the President of India. The hangout café started by these acid attack survivors, after attracting millions of praises nationwide, has been selected for ‘Nari Shakti’ award by President Pranab Mukherjee.

These survivors will be honoured at the Rashtrapati Bhavan on the occasion of World Women’s Day. Rupa, one of these Sheros, will be representing them and recieveing the award from the President.

What is Sheros hangout café:

Started under the ‘Chanv Foundation’, the main objective of ‘Sheroes Hangout’ cafe is to bring as many acid attack victims as possible under one roof to create them an environment of happiness and encouragement. The workers here are mostly women, who have fought back for survival through atrocious chemical burns and are now, on a journey to regard themselves as ‘fighters’, courageous battlers who walk with scars on faces but are extremely brave and clean at hearts.

The café was started in year 2014, in the city, near the dream project of Uttar Pradesh government, Lucknow Metro.

As many as five acid attack survivors work in the café and apart from giving employment to them the institution also tries to counsel the females who have gone through the same.

Legal advices are also provided to these females along with the other ones who go through other harassments.

A documentary screening is also projected in the café in which the success story of these acid attack survivors is shown.

The café also displays the handicraft work done by the women.

This café inspires women to lead a normal life again.

Check photos of Sheros Cafe and its members in next slides:

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