Abe greets Dear Friend India with ‘Namaskar’;Gives Jai Japan-Jai India slogan

Abe greets Dear Friend India with ‘Namaskar’;Gives Jai Japan-Jai India slogan

Ahmedabad: India was greeted by 'Namaskar' from Japan when the latter’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe addressed the country on the Bullet Train's foundation laying ceremony on Thursday at the Athletic Stadium in Gujarat.

Calling Indian Prime Minister a ‘Dear Friend’, his Japanese counterpart stated that the bilateral relationship both the countries shared were more prospective than any other diplomatic relationships in the world.

“I would like to state that India-Japan partnership is special, strategic and global and I am assure that if both the countries work together nothing will be impossible for us,” stated the Japan PM while applauding the foresighted Indian PM Modi.

“Dear friend PM Modi is a far sighted leader; he made a decision of making New India two years ago and chose Japan as partner. We completely support it,” said Shinzo Abe.

“I hope to enjoy the beauty of India through the windows of the Bullet Train when I come to India in a few years,” he further stated.

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A slogan for India-Japan friendship:

The Japanese PM also gave a new slogan to strengthen the India-Japan friendship.

“If we join the Initials of both the countries, taking ‘JA’ from Japan and ‘I’ from India will get ‘JAI’ which means a winner,” said Abe.

“Japan will help India visualise its ‘Make in India’ dream come true. One day the world will chant ‘Jai Japan-Jai India,” he further said.

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Abe applauds Make in India:

Japan is committed to support Make in India.

Over 100 engineers have already come to India from Japan for this project

Our industries are working with India to give a boost to manufacturing in India

We are key partners in the Indian Ocean region and If Japan's technique mergers with India's human resources; both the countries will become the world’s best manufacturer.

Japan will co-operate to ensure security of the Indian railways.

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