Muhammed Saleem, 53, and his 42-year-old friend Rizwan Ahmad Khan ar from Bangalore and have been cycling under the sun while fasting. They even lost their bicycles.

Such a shocking incident took place in India where a man from Uttar Pradesh was arrested by the police for allegedly involving in bestiality at a cow shelter in Ayodhya earlier this month.

The results of India's general elections are very significant for Pakistan as the formation of the next government in New Delhi will determine the course of Indo-Pakistan ties, which were pushed to a new low after the Pulwama terror attack.

Unlike other countries, the US does not send its election observers to India because of the strong independent credentials of the Election Commission of India.

The team headed by Gaurav Sharma, a senior research scientist at Battelle, is among six teams to win grants to develop brain-machine interfaces, according to a statement by the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

The locations selected for installation of CCTV cameras were finalised by a team of police officials to monitor movement and activities of anti-social elements, he said.

Complaints have been raised by persons and groups with "vested interests" against "genuine" citizens who have established lineage dating back to early 19th century, claimed journalist and convenor of rights body, Centre for Justice and Peace, Zamsher Ali.

The accused, Padmakar Nandekar, has been arrested for the alleged incident that took place last month but came to light on Monday when the 19-year-old woman filed a rape complaint against him, a police official said.