'She has reduced so much': Vidya Balan's weight loss takes fans by surprise

Vidya Balan's latest public appearance has got the internet speculating over a possible body transformation in the works

Published on: 14 Jun 2024 11:03 AM GMT
She has reduced so much: Vidya Balans weight loss takes fans by surprise

Monjulika in Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2

Vidya Balan has always assumed a rather matter-of-factly approach when it comes to discussing the oppressive beauty standards that actors are held to. The actor's latest public appearance for the special screening of Kartik Aaryan's Chandu Champion has led the internet to speculate over what appears to be a significant weight loss journey in the works as Vidya gears up to star in Diwali release Bhool Bhulaiyaa 3.

Internet reacts to Vidya Balan's weight loss

Videos of Vidya walking the red carpet for the special screening of Chandu Champion have gone viral and not for the right reasons. The internet appears to be convinced that the actor has once again embarked on a weight loss journey, the results of which are showing rather evidently. However, those speculating believe how the weight loss per se, may not be authentic. One strongly worded comment read, "Sare bol re patli hogi ... Aaj kal medical treatment se boht kuch ho jata hai .. sab paise ka khel hai ... Ye log kuch hi dino may slim ho jate hai 🤣or hum jo bhi karle salo sal motte se motte hi hote ja re hai .." Another added, "Are ye palti hogyi. Without workout wahhh" Another internet user speculated, “She's probably had a gastric band surgery.”

Some in particular pointed out how after affirming that she is in fact comfortable with her body the way it is, Vidya has once again opted to whittle down in size. A comment echoing this sentiment read, "She is looking so slim ...later she used to defend that she won't lose and look at her now 😭😭" Some comments however, were a tad bit more supportive, much like this one which read, “Look at you vidya! You look so beautiful! What prevented you from losing weight?!”

That being said, not all reactions to Vidya's supposed weight loss have been negative. Several internet users pointed out how the actor was in fact looking younger and fitter. "What did she do😮 she looks very young😍" one user commented, while another affirmed, "Omg she has reduced so much... 👍🏻" A few more comments echoing the same read, "She is just the most beautiful actress and talented with whatever body she is ❤️", "Love how she transformed herself ❤️" and "Looking gorgeous, looking like she is in her 20's wow".

Vidya Balan has consistently battled body image issues

Vidya's award-winning performance in The Dirty Picture (2011) required her to undergo significant weight gain so as to look convincing as she took on the role of the late Silk Smitha. However, even prior to 2011 Vidya's journey with her body has been something that has consistently found its place in the spotlight, sometimes begrudgingly so for the actor.

In a 2020 interview Vidya opened up about the same. Speaking about how she had always been the 'fat girl', the actor recalled blaming her body when a film ended up not working. From drinking 10 litres of water to working out multiple times a day, Vidya had tried it all. However, she could never really stop 'rejecting her body'. A long way ahead from there, the interview saw the actor affirm how she now whole-heartedly accepts her body type, a positive journey which began in 2019.



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