'Thriller' video of Michael Jackson get new dimension

'Thriller' video of Michael Jackson get new dimension

Venice: The much anticipated 3-D version of the 1983 'Thriller', directed by John Landis, has been unveiled at the Venice International Film Festival.

Landis and late king of pop Michael Jackson estate co-executor John Branca called it a preamble to bigger announcements regarding upcoming Jackson legacy projects.

"Now we have ‘Thriller' 3-D, and two more announcements are coming up in the next couple of weeks," Branca said, declining to elaborate further.

"Michael had an expression: ‘The quality goes in before the name goes on.' So we are not ready to announce them yet," Branca added.

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On whether there may be an album coming of unreleased recordings from the vaults, Branca said, "I don't foresee us releasing any more unreleased music for quite some time."

"That doesn't mean there won't be interesting (new) record releases in the very near future," he added.

Landis said at first he thought the new 3-D conversion would be merely a gimmick, and was keen about the project primarily because it would allow the negative to be restored, reports variety.com.

But in the process of doing the conversion, he realised that 3-D really enhances it, especially the dance aspect of the video. The short has not been re-edited or re-cut, but the sound has been enhanced.

How and when the 3-D "Thriller" short will be released is still being kept under wraps. However, Landis assured that it would be a cinematic experience.

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