No one understands problem of a teacher amid ‘Corona Crisis’: RK Srivastava

RK Srivastava of Bihar described the pain of those teachers in the Corona Crisis, who are facing economic crisis.

No one understands problem of a teacher amid 'Corona Crisis': RK Srivastava

Lucknow: The famous Mathematics teacher RK Srivastava, who asked only 1 Rupee Guru Dakshina. He completed his dream by helping hundreds of financially unable students succeed in IIT, NIT, BCECE, NDA.

RK Srivastava of Bihar described the pain of those teachers in the Corona Crisis, who are facing economic crisis. Teachers’ family has come into great trouble due to the closure of the private educational institution.

Here RK Srivastava is sharing his thoughts:

The one who feels happy in the happiness of the students and gets upset in their small problems. No one understands the pain of that teacher. The basic objective of teaching and training is to empower the individual to lead a successful life and to make the best contribution for himself, family, society, nation and humanity. The teacher’s role is important in this.

The teacher who devoted his entire life to making children better and successful citizens. Those who rejoice at every success of student, proudly tell everyone that my students have achieved this position, sometimes with a dot, sometimes with a loving path.

Teacher always tries to do best for students:

Always explain to them that those who win do not leave, and those who leave do not win. If there was any problem while studying, immediately told his parents, then he would call every day and inquire about the situation. In case of any complaints regarding studies or other issues, the teachers in school or coaching courts would do everything for their students that everyone would feel proud of.

Corona changed everything:

One day an epidemic called Covid strikes all the way. All educational institutions closed under compulsion, lockdown is imposed. All the ways of income are closed, gradually the situation starts deteriorating. In such a situation, did any of the students or their parents call the teachers and ask about the situation.

Have any students or parents ever tried to find out how their teachers is? You all think and tell who is not fighting with this virus. It is time to tell each other your problems and not to run away from moral responsibility, but to become each other’s strength.

No one asks a teacher’s situation:

The salaries of teachers have stopped due to the closure of schools and coaching. Many have lost their job. If this situation remains the same, then only the chairman, a clerk and a sweeper will be left in the school. After that, when your children will step into school or coaching, will they find the Ma’am or Sir who used to stand with you step by step. Those who always inspire your children to put wings and give them the right direction.

When your parents ask themselves questions, then you will know that the success of your children was in the hands of the teachers. Those are in hour of crisis, you never called up and asked about the situation.

Then what is the meaning of such education where you can not help each other.

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