Do You Know? Answer to ‘Ka Ba’ is Anand Kumar, Tathagata, Satyam Kumar, RK Srivastava

RK Srivastava from Rohtas district of Bihar, is famous as the Mathematics Guru in the country. His way of magically teaching mathematics is excellent.

Bihar: The answer to ‘Ka Ba’ is Anand Kumar, Tathagata, Satyam Kumar and RK Srivastava (FILE Pic)

Recently, during the lockdown, there was a popular rap song by Manoj Bajpayee expressing the pain of migrating workers from big cities – Ka Ba in Bombay, followed by another Bhojpuri song – Ka Ba in Bihar. In this song, the floods raise the problems of farmers.

In the meantime, we are going to tell Ka Ba in Bihar differently. Which increased Bihar’s pride in India and abroad. Such talents emerged from Bihar, which the whole world still salutes. All these Bihari are currently increasing the pride of their ancestors.

Ka Ba in Bihar:

The answer to “Ka Ba in Bihar” is Anand Kumar, Tathagata, Satyam Kumar, RK Srivastava. Satyam Kumar, Tulsi Avatar Tathagata. Anand Kumar, Guru Rehman and RK Srivastava in Bihar’s entire world including Hindustan enhanced the pride of Bihar.

Satyam Kumar:

The Satyam of Bihar, which cracked the IIT JEE, considered the world’s toughest exam at the age of just 12, had become an example for engineering students in France even in the last year. He who won the high fort of IIT at the tender age of twelve, has also been an engineering student in France.

Satyam has learned the tricks of Indian education to convincing French students of his merit. Satyam Kumar, grandson of Ramlal Singh, a resident of Bakhorapur in Barhara block of Bhojpur district, had earned a lot of name in India. When at the age of just twelve years, there was a heavy blow to the competition of IIT. At present, Satyam has passed B Tech from IIT Kanpur through Electrical Brach. Satyam is currently studying PhD from The University of texas at austin.

Education direction

Satyam was selected for research on the topic ‘Brain Computer Interfaces’ on the occasion of Summer Research Intern in France while studying at IIT Kanpur. He was also selected for ‘Two Promoters Higher Education in France’ under the joint aegis of France’s Charpac Scholarship and ‘A Service of the Embassy’ in the Government of India.

On the other hand, the director of the French DU Lab, Gilles Koupin, who had talked to Satyam by phone, had also sent a proposal to Motivate the students, on which Satyam also gave his consent. Satyam has also done research work in the telecom DC Bretigny in the city of Brest, France, in collaboration with DU lab director Gilles Koupin and Francisco Andrewi.

Work done with French scientists

Beautiful opportunities for intellectual partnership with French scientists have also been obtained. All were convinced of Satyam’s genius. The name of the country along with Bihar has also been highlighted by Satyam. It is a great thing to achieve such a great achievement at such a young age. Bihar is proud of Satyam and hopes that in the coming times it will reach the heights of success and will brighten the name of the entire country.

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Tulsi Avatar Tathagata

Tathagata Avatar Tulsi, known as gifted children, made history by matriculation at just 9 years of age, BSc at the age of 11 and MSc at the age of 12. He had the distinction of becoming an Assistant Professor at IIT, Mumbai at the age of just 22. Tulsi is considered the youngest professor of IIT.

Dr. Tathagata Avatar Tulsi

Tathagat also held the record for writing India’s youngest PhD holder and the least page (only 33 pages) PhD thesis by doing PhD from Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru. The 2002 Hollywood film A Beautiful Mind was inspired by Tathagata’s achievements. The film also received four Oscar awards.

Tathagata said that IIT, Patna had rejected my offer. Tulasi was also offered by the Waterloo University of Canada to become a professor on a good package but he turned it down because he wanted to work in the country. Were. He was also offered a job by the Indian Institute of Science Bhopal. In 2003, he was included by Time magazine in the list of seven most miraculous youth in the world.

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Anand Kumar of Super 30

Anand Kumar, a teacher living in Patna district of Bihar, is a famous name among engineering students not only in India but all over the world. His ‘Super 30’ program is world famous. Under this, they select 30 such hard working students for IIT-JEE, who are from very poor family. As of 2018, 422 out of 480 students they have taught have become IITians.

From the popularity of Anand Kumar, you can guess that Discovery Channel has also made a documentary on him. He has also received lectures from the world-renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University.

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‘Guru Rahman’

Patna, the capital of Bihar, is famous all over the country for preparing for the competition examination. While coaching institutes charge lakhs for preparing for competitive exams. Guru Rahman’s ‘Untamed Aditi Gurukul Sansthan’ located in Naya Tola, Patna, takes eleven rupees Guru Dakshina to make students from Daroga to IAS and IPS.

The biggest feature of Gurukul is that like other coaching institutes here, huge amount is not collected in the name of fees, but only Rs 11 is taken from the students in the name of Guru Dakshina. From 11 to 21 or 51 rupees, by paying a fee only how many students have not been successful from Gurukul till the Indian Administrative Service to doctor and engineering examinations.

It is not that only students of Bihar study here. But also students from states like Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh come to Gurukul and take tips from Guru Rahman. In 1994, when a competition examination was conducted for the restoration of four thousand daroga in Bihar. Also, 1100 students studying from Gurukul succeeded in that examination which is a record. The ‘Gurukul’ of ‘Guru Rahman’ is an inspiration in the midst of the education system that has become a business by education mafias.

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RK Srivastava

RK Srivastava from Rohtas district of Bihar, is famous as the Mathematics Guru in the country. His way of magically teaching mathematics is excellent. With just one rupee, Guru Dakshina teaches the students. Hundreds of economically poor students, including IITs, NITs, BCECE, have given wings to their dreams by sending them to prestigious institutions of the country.

A mathematics teacher RK Srivastav also amazingly teaches children. He explains solving problems by connecting mathematics to social concerns.

RK Srivastava, on the strength of hard work, high thinking, firm intentions, is today known as Mathematics Guru in the country. He also teaches his students how to solve a question with different methods. Also, they develop the ability to create new questions from the question.

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