Pune Grandfather Arrested for Forcing Driver To Take Blame

A Pune teen's grandfather faces arrest after allegedly pressuring the family driver to take blame for a fatal Porsche crash. The incident highlights the dangers of underage driving and attempts to manipulate investigations.

Gobind Arora
Published on: 25 May 2024 7:40 AM GMT
Pune Grandfather Arrested for Forcing Driver  To Take Blame

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In a tragic turn of events, a Pune accident involving a teenager driving a Porsche has taken a new twist. The teenager's grandfather now faces arrest after Pune police allege he pressured the family driver to take the blame for the crash, which resulted in the deaths of two IT professionals.

The incident occurred on May 19, 2024. Initial reports suggested a high-speed collision involving a Porsche that claimed the lives of two individuals traveling on a motorbike. However, the investigation took a surprising turn when police discovered inconsistencies in witness statements.

Further investigation led officers to believe the 17-year-old grandson of a prominent businessman was actually behind the wheel during the accident. Police allege the teenager's grandfather, Surendra Agarwal, attempted to manipulate the situation by pressuring the family driver, Gangaram, to take responsibility for the crash.

Gangaram reportedly came forward with his account of events, leading to Agarwal's arrest. The Pune Crime Branch is currently questioning Agarwal to understand the extent of his alleged involvement and determine if there were any accomplices in the attempted cover-up.

This incident raises serious concerns about underage driving and the potential consequences of attempting to manipulate legal investigations. India has strict laws against underage driving, with hefty fines and potential imprisonment for offenders. Furthermore, tampering with evidence or obstructing an investigation is a serious criminal offense.

The tragic loss of life in this accident underscores the importance of responsible driving practices. Parents and guardians have a crucial role to play in educating young people about road safety and the dangers of underage driving. Additionally, ensuring they are aware of the legal repercussions associated with such actions is vital.

The outcome of this case will be closely monitored, sending a clear message that attempts to manipulate investigations will not be tolerated. The families of the victims deserve justice, and a thorough investigation is crucial to ensure all those involved are held accountable for their actions.

The Pune Police deserve recognition for their diligence in uncovering the alleged cover-up attempt. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of honest and transparent reporting in the wake of accidents.

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Gobind Arora

Gobind Arora

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