Manish Gupta Case: What exactly happened with Kanpur-based businessman in Gorakhpur?

ADG Akhil Kumar, who came back after a three-day holiday, reached the Krishna Hotel in Gorakhpur to investigate Manish Gupta murder case.

Updated on: 1 Oct 2021 8:18 AM GMT
Manish Gupta Case

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Lucknow: At present, real estate Manish Gupta businessman murder case in the buzz. It seems as if the top officers of the police department are adamant on implementing the strategy to save the accused Inspector JN Singh and other police personnel. Regarding the investigation of this famous case, if compare the statements of the top police officers and the CM, the investigation does not seem to be happening at fast speed. CM Yogi gave strict orders, but strictness and agility is not being seen in the police department regarding this case.

Manish Gupta Murder Case:

ADG Akhil Kumar, who came back after a three-day holiday, reached the Krishna Hotel in Gorakhpur to investigate Manish Gupta murder case. The reason for this is that even before the arrival of the ADG, the accused Inspector JN Singh and other accused police personnel have destroyed the evidence. If the hotel staff is to be believed, then the police personnel present on the spot that night, including the accused Inspector JN Singh, cleaned the blood lying in the room with water and destroyed some other evidence.

Then the room was sealed. Also told that the accused policemen and the crime branch team have also taken the DVR of the CCTV camera installed in the hotel with them on their way. That is why the ADG, who came to investigate this incident, did not find anything special that they could understand something special after seeing it.

ADG Akhil Kumar definitely made it clear that the accused policemen would not be arrested before the completion of the investigation. He said that only when the FIR is registered, there is no arrest.

Relevant evidence has to be shown. He told that it is necessary to investigate some important points first. On the basis of which confidential information the police had come to the hotel? What was the information? During the investigation, what was the situation that such a big incident happened? He said that SIT is being formed for fair and speedy investigation in this case.

SIT Probe in Manish Murder Case:

This incident happened on Monday/Tuesday. There is a lot of discussion about the formation of the SIT for the investigation, which officer has actually been placed in this SIT team. Sources tell that the SIT is being formed to investigate the Gorakhpur businessman murder case. They will investigate the case under the leadership of ADG Akhil Kumar.

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