Compassionless Delhi: Woman killed on busy road, nobody helped

Published on: 20 Sep 2016 11:21 PM GMT
Compassionless Delhi: Woman killed on busy road, nobody helped

New Delhi: In a shocking broad daylight crime, a man on Tuesday stabbed a young woman to death on a busy road in New Delhi. The scene has been caught on CCTV camera and the visuals show that the 21-year-old victim could have been saved by the passersby but none of them intervened in the assault.

Karuna, who was a teacher in a private institution, was stabbed by her jilted lover and neighbour Surender Singh around 30 times on a road in north Delhi’s Burari locality.

According to Karuna’s family members, they had a few months ago complained to the police that the deceased was being stalked and harassed by 34-year-old Singh but no action was ever taken against him. Meanwhile, the police claimed that the two families had reached a compromise.

The CCTV footage shows the assaulter stabbing the victim repeatedly as she thrashed around in pain, helplessly. Most of the passersby just glanced and walked away while others watched but failed to react in fright. The footage also shows two persons moving towards the victim but they ended up backing off.

Other highlights:

  • In the CCTV footage, the attacker was also seen picking up a stone and hitting it against the victim’s head after she was lying prone on the road.
  • He inhumanely kicked the victim’s body before fleeing from the crime scene.
  • Karuna was rushed to a nearby hospital by one Manish Kumar in an auto-rickshaw.
  • “While racing her to the hospital, I called the police and ambulance several time but no one came,” said Kumar.
  • The killer has been arrested by the police.
  • An investigation was under way.

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