Cyber Crime & Phishing in India; Steps to protect yourself on web

In Dehradun alone, about 20 people are becoming victims of cyber crime every day.

Updated on: 20 Aug 2021 11:44 AM GMT
Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime (PC: Social Media)

New Delhi: In today's time there is a lot of dependence on the Internet and there is a need to be careful for this. If this is not done, then cyber criminals can vacate the account by breaking into your hard earned money with just one click.

Cyber Crime in India:

Apart from investigating the cases, the cyber police is also spreading the measures to avoid them. Despite this, people are constantly falling prey to it. In such a situation, follow these tips-

Let us tell that in Dehradun alone, about 20 people are becoming victims of cyber crime every day. Criminals are doing online transactions by taking information about people's bank accounts, while some people are being blackmailed by implicating them in sextortion.

Sometimes someone's Facebook ID is fake and sometimes someone's Facebook ID is being harassed mentally by putting obscene messages on it. STF SSP Ajay Singh said that if some things are taken care of, then all these can be easily avoided.

Frauds through Internet:

  • By luring gifts in phishing mail.
  • In the name of sending help by becoming a fake friend.
  • Call or message for free recharge and cash back.
  • By becoming a fake customer care officer.
  • By sending a message in the name of loan waiver.
  • In the name of getting loan in minutes.
  • By creating fake social media profiles and blackmailing them.
  • By becoming a fake customer on OLX.
  • In the name of bonus in the insurance policy.
  • The link is sent as an acquaintance on the pretext of helping.

How to avoid falling prey to phishing mail:

  • Don't respond to suspicious messages and emails.
  • Block that email and number immediately.
  • If someone asks for ATM PIN, then inform the police about it, never send anyone any PIN.
  • If someone talks as a customs officer, give the number to the police immediately.

Fraud Customer Care:

Actually, these days more fraud is being done by becoming a fake customer care worker. What happens in this is that people look up the customer care number of a company or bank on the Internet and go to the fake website. This is where the game of fake customer care officer starts. Check the number only by going to the official website.

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