Entrepreneur Himansh Verma’s efforts towards saving environment is par excellence

Entrepreneur Himansh Verma's efforts towards saving environment is par excellence

Entrepreneur Himansh Verma's efforts towards saving environment is par excellence

“One person can make a difference and everyone should try.” A deep-dyed follower of this belief, Himansh Verma is bringing the much needed revolution in sustaining an eco-friendly environment by combating all odds and has become an inspiration for millions and millions of people in the country.

Born to be an entrepreneur, Himansh started assisting his father in his jewellery business at a meager age of 13 and at a very young age, he had set up his own firm, Navrattan Consultancy in Patiala. His dedication, skills and sharp understanding of business helped his independent firm touch skies within no time of its establishment. But being considered just a businessman giant was not his passion, as he was sincere towards nation building. He has set a benchmark for novice entrepreneurs in the world of eco-friendly innovations.

Moving ahead with a progressive approach of nation building, Himansh Verma’s contributions towards protecting the environment defines his ideology of ‘nation comes first’. From going green in farming to producing electricity 24*7 by not tampering the environment and buying the science and technology, IPRs are his noble initiatives towards the environment.

Navrattan Group by Himansh Verma has come up with projects like SUNSUL Technology, Green Crete, Sewage Sludge Incinerator, Thermo Chemical Gasification, and many more. To his credit goes his works with the global researchers and scientists to generate eco-friendly technologies for different industries all over the world. The verticals under the banner “Navrattan” have its operations throughout the globe and specifically in India, USA, and Europe.

The six verticles his company is operational are – healthcare, construction, medical, transportation, basalt mining, alternative energy and agriculture.

One of the companies under the banner, called the Navrattan Holdings Limited, is the Science and Technology venture of Navrattan Group of Companies. The organization has set up a state-of-the-art research & development laboratory to generate ‘Cleaner & Greener’ technologies.

In today’s scenario, the transportation system in the country has elevated to a level next and with this, the level of pollution too has become a headache for the government and as well as for the people. There are various steps taken from the government to curb it but these steps are still not efficient enough. And to combat this, Himansh Verma’s company has the idea to switch to green electric transportation. The company’s Composite Electric Bus is the answer to increasing air pollution from public vehicles. The composite fiber technology is lightweight, and the bus is fully equipped with innovative interiors. The futuristic E-Bus is here to stay and will change the face of the E-Transport industry.

When asked his goal in life, Himansh Verma said, “Self growing is good but it feels awesome when your efforts help in the growth of the entire nation. All our innovations aim at going green, and we are continuously working on making this planet a greener, cleaner, and a better place to live.”

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