KBC Winner Sushil Kumar: Why people are spreading fake news about him, here's how Sushil Kumar became inspiration

Sushil Kumar created history in 2011 by becoming the first contestant to take home Rs 5 crore from Amitabh Bachchan-hosted Kaun Banega Crorepati.

Updated on: 23 Nov 2021 2:15 PM GMT
KBC Winner Sushil Kumar

KBC Winner Sushil Kumar

KBC Winner Sushil Kumar: After all, what does the people get from spreading fake news about a successful, educated and honest person. Today we are talking about Sushil Kumar of Bihar who won the first 5 crores of "Kaun Banega Crorepati" TV show. Let us tell you that Sushil Kumar is rich in extraordinary talent. He is a simple person and an inspiration for younger generation.

Poor students are being educated by Sushil Kumar with all possible financial and educational help, which is very inspiring from the point of view of society and nation. Apart from this, wonderful work is being done by him in the field of environment. The work being done by them is teaching us that when one of the precious gems given by God, animals and birds will be safe, then only human life will be happy.

We all should salute the real hero of such a wonderful society, but the wrong news published by some news portals and media can demoralize the morale of any talent, but still Sushil Kumar is engaged in his mission without caring about it. That is, providing free education for poor students and doing better work for the environment has become in their lifestyle. Society salutes such people.

Let's know about the amazing work being done by Real Hero

Sushil Kumar created history in 2011 by becoming the first contestant to take home Rs 5 crore from Amitabh Bachchan-hosted Kaun Banega Crorepati. He is now in his home region Champaran. In fact, today Sushil is running 'Champa to Champaran' campaign to get back the lost old identity of Champaran.

Under which he is seen planting a Champa plant on every corner of Champaran. Sushil claims that he has got 70 thousand Champa saplings planted so far. Sushil says that the real name of Champaran is 'Chamakaranya'.

It was identified by the Champa tree here. But as the time passed, the Champa trees went extinct from here, today there is not a single Champa tree in Champaran.

Sushil said in the conversation that he has been running this campaign for the last few years, he said, 'This campaign of mine started from April 22, 2018 on the occasion of World Earth Day', under this so far 70 thousand Champa saplings have been planted in Champaran. have been installed.

He said that initially many difficulties were faced in this campaign, but now people themselves are joining the campaign 'Champa to Champaran'. Sushil says that from villages in Champaran district to cities and towns houses are being linked with this campaign.

Under this campaign, people reach their homes and get Champa saplings planted by the people of that house. He further said that once in a month the plantation is counted, during the counting process if the plant is found to be dry or destroyed due to any reason, then another sapling is planted at that place.

Sushil, who has made a mark in his field as a 'millionaire', has now been identified as Champa and Peepal Wale. He says that it is not that only Champa saplings are being planted, Peepal and Banyan saplings are also being planted in open places like temples, school complexes, panchayat buildings, and hospital complexes.

Planting Peepal and Banyan saplings

He said that in a few months many Peepal and Banyan plants have been planted, in this work the help of local people is also taken. Initially, by investing his own money, he bought Champa saplings and got them planted from house to house, but later social people came forward to help. He told that one person provided several thousand Champa saplings.

They also put the picture of planting Sushil saplings on their Facebook wall, Mahatma Gandhi started the Satyagraha from Champaran itself, later the Champaran area was divided into two districts which are now known as East Champaran and West Champaran. Sushil lives in Motihari, the district headquarters of East Champaran. Sushil takes plants from a nursery in Motihari itself.

Sushil says that our aim is not only to give Champaran the old identity, but also to tell the coming generation why this area got its name Champaran. He said that today only by saving trees, the environment can be balanced and human life can be saved.

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