Teachers Day Special: Here's how Alakh Pandey & RK Srivastava are famous teachers of the country

We are talking about two famous teachers of the country RK Srivastava and Alakh Pandey.

Published on: 4 Sep 2022 10:44 AM GMT
Teachers Day Special: Heres how Alakh Pandey & RK Srivastava are famous teachers of the country

Every teacher should be respected on the occasion of Teacher's Day. Teacher's Day is celebrated every year in the country on 5th September. Let us talk about two famous teachers of the country who have become role models for millions of youth.

There was a time when trying to light the lamp of hope to study, kept stumbling from door to door, no one was taking the name of coming forward for those talents. We are talking about two famous teachers of the country RK Srivastava and Alakh Pandey.

One teacher is making an engineer by teaching in ₹ 1 Guru Dakshina, then another teacher has become a billionaire today by starting his career from YouTube.

We are talking about Physics teacher Alakh Pandey and Mathematics guru RK Srivastava, one of the famous teachers of the country.

The lifestyle of these 2 teachers of India is quite inspiring. The story of his reaching from floor to floor is an inspiration for everyone.

Alakh Pandey

For the education of Alakh Pandey, the father had to sell the house and then the success story started from the rented house, Alakh Pandey started teaching Physics by making videos on YouTube from his rented house in the year 2015, gradually this caravan grew. And the number of subscribers reached million in a few years. And among the students became famous as "Physics Wallah" teacher. Today Alakh Pandey's company has got the distinction of being in the list of 101st Unicorn Company of the country.

Let us now talk about the other famous teachers of the country who are still making financially poor students engineers by teaching in ₹ 1 Guru Dakshina.

Mathematics Guru RK Srivastava, who gave wings to the dreams of poor children, created history by proving the Pythagoras theorem in more than 50 different ways in the classroom program. For this, his name has also been recorded in the World Book of Records London. RK Srivastava, a resident of Bikramganj, a small village in Rohtas district of Bihar, is a role model for thousands of students. People are searching on Google these days about RK Srivastava, who brought glory to the country including Bihar.

RK Srivastava:

He claims to find weird number of more than 200 digits, if the numbers of this numbering method are found to be correct, then soon RK Srivastava's name will also be recorded in Guinness World Records. RK Srivastava is always in the spotlight for his educational work, whether it is the Wonder Kids program or motivating the students to take self-study by swearing in front of the fire or the night classes campaign being run by them. Also Read - Mathematics Guru RK Srivastava welcomes his new student Vivekanand Yadav RK Srivastava has given free education to the students for 12 consecutive hours throughout the night, more than 450 classes.

For this, his name has also been recorded in India Book Records and Asia Book of Records. Apart from free education, every year free books are distributed to 50 poor students by their mother's hands. Born in a poor family, RK Srivastava's life went through many struggles. RK Srivastava also runs the "Economically poor people will not study" campaign. Under this campaign, only 1 rupee of Guru Dakshina is given to students and they are educated. Guru Dakshina increases by only 1 rupee each year.

Under this campaign, hundreds of poor students, including IITs, NITs, BCECE, reached many reputed institutions of the country and were spreading their dreams.

Google Search:

In Google search RK srivastava (Rk srivastava Mathematics Guru and Rk shrivastava Mathematician, Rk Shrivastava, Rk Shrivastava pythagoras, Rk Shrivastava bihar in Hindi as well as RK Srivastava bihar) people are searching by these names to know about them and understand their educational work. Also Read - 1 Rupee Guru Dakshina: Mathematics Guru RK Srivastava shares his students story According to Google Trends, the most searched topic related to RK Srivastava in English is RK Srivastava Mathematics Guru, RK Srivastava Mathematics, RK Srivastava Pythagoras and RK Srivastava Bihar.


Bihari Genius Mathematics Guru, who teaches mathematics to more than 1000 students by making toys from waste material. It is common for every child to fall in love with toys. Toys blaze the eyes of children, every parent tries to bring the best toy and fill it with color in their child's childhood. For this he discovered and developed ways to make new toys from inexpensive materials.


During his education, he realized that there would be millions of talents in the country which could not fulfill their dreams due to expensive education, expensive books etc. IIT entrance exam could not be given due to TB disease. During the TB disease, the local doctor advised to take medicine for about 9 months. At the same time during these 9 months, sitting in the house alone started getting bored. READ ALSO: No one understands problem of a teacher amid 'Corona Crisis': RK Srivastava Then the idea came to his mind, why not call the students nearby and teach them the tricks of mathematics.

He has taught more than 1000 children from small rural village schools to educational institutions.

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