Ganga ghat Study Hall to One Rupee Maths Classes; here's the inspiring story from Bihar

Bihar is known across the country for its unique academics.

Published on: 21 April 2022 4:52 AM GMT
Ganga ghat Study Hall to One Rupee Maths Classes; heres the inspiring story from Bihar

Bihar is known across the country for its unique academics. Some were teaching on the banks of the Gangas of Patna, while some were teaching mathematics for 12 hours continuously throughout the night for ₹ 1 Guru Dakshina. Let's know about these teachers,

SK Jha:

If you want to see the passion to get a government job, then reach the banks of the Gangas in Patna. Here you will see thousands of students studying. These days pictures of these students are becoming increasingly viral on social media. People are not tired of saluting their spirit.

Let us inform that these students present at Patna College Ghat, Kadam Ghat and Kali Ghat are from Bihar, UP, Maharashtra and Jharkhand who solve mock tests.

Renowned teacher SK Jha and these students are present at Kali Ghat on Saturdays and Sundays. They conduct mock tests of 90 minutes on weekends and SK Jha is teaching coaching Railway and SSB candidates since 2014.

Originally from Birpur, Supaul, Jha did his B.Tech from a college in Odisha. After working for only 10 days in Maharashtra, he turned to coaching in 2014 and started a coaching center in Patna with only four students.

Presently there are around 2,000 students enrolled in his coaching center and he has around 6.5 lakh subscribers on his YouTube channel. He charges Rs 99 for teaching a subject on his channel. "My aim is to democratize these mock tests for railway exams," says Jha.

RK Srivastava

RK Srivastava, a teacher living in Rohtas district of the state, is a popular name among engineering students not only in India but all over the world. His '1 Rupaya Guru Dakshina' program is world famous. Under this, they kept economically poor students with 1 rupee Guru Dakshina and engineered them. The popularity of RK Srivastava can be gauged from the fact that the President of the country Ramnath Kovind has praised the economically poor students for their contribution in nation building by engineering them for Rs.1.

RK Srivastava is a normal human being like other people. But he did very different and very extraordinary works from other people. Today, due to the same work, not only in Bihar but also around the world, many people give him great respect. RK Srivastava is a teacher by profession who has taught hundreds of poor children to make a better living. Guru Dakshina only 1 rupee This person of Bihar is known for teaching with Guru Dakshina only 1 rupee. A guru who made dozens of socio-economically weaker children so capable that they got admission in institutions like IIT, NIT, BCECE under adverse circumstances and is leading a better life today.

Unique teaching method:

By making toys Bihar is also known for its unique academics across the country. RK Srivastava has drawn such a line by sending poor children to institutions like IITs, NITs, BCECs that the whole world salutes their work. Mathematics guru RK Srivastava (RK Srivastava) also amazingly teaches children. RK through jokes and junk makes children difficult to study mathematics in sports. Junk is used in practicals by making toys from jugaad. He explains solving problems by connecting mathematics to social concerns.

RK Srivastava's name is also recorded in the World Book of Records and India Book of Records. The night Classes campaign run by him is amazing, unimaginable. In order to make students aware of self study, they have taught mathematics continuously for 12 hours throughout the night for more than 450 classes. The news of his academic style has been published in the prestigious newspapers of the country, the country also knows him as the guru of the world famous Google Boy Kautilya.

Role model of millions of youth, RK Srivastava When people of many educational institutions of the country meet RK Srivastava, they say that if we work together on the same platform. However, he is a role model for millions of youth. RK Srivastava's students always top the engineering entrance exam, always seen in newspaper headlines

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