1 Rupee Guru Dakshina: Mathematics Guru RK Srivastava shares his students story

Mathematics Guru RK Srivastava talks about his students.

Published on: 15 Aug 2022 2:17 PM GMT
1 Rupee Guru Dakshina: Mathematics Guru RK Srivastava shares his students story

It was a great pleasure to meet the students who are getting education in just ₹ 1 under " ₹ 1 Guru Dakshina Program " established by me, I express my gratitude to all the teachers who are working day and night for better education.

After about one and a half months, I have come to my home in Bikramganj, Rohtas district of Bihar state, also met old students and also met some new students who have started their studies by paying only ₹ 1, what is common, what is special, all ₹ 1 Guru Dakshina Giving studies.

Whether it is poor or middle class or affluent family, everyone studies by giving ₹ 1 Guru Dakshina.

Today I am very happy that more students are getting benefited from ₹1 Guru Dakshina program and making their dreams come true.

To realize the dream of these students and to pay salaries to teachers, a lot of money is needed for which I teach in reputed institutes in different parts of the country as guest faculty

From which the salary we get, I run ₹ 1 Guru Dakshina program in Rohtas district of Bihar state with the same money.

Today more than hundreds of children are making their dreams come true by becoming successful human beings by studying from ₹1 Guru Dakshina program. Even today, the children studying will surely become successful human beings one day and will definitely contribute in making India a world guru.

I met some new students who have enrolled by giving ₹ 1 Guru Dakshina, whose complete details are:

**Suraj kumar and aditya kumar

Father name - Dayanand soni

Add-thana chowk bkj

Village- kanchanpur

Class- 8th and 6th

**Ankaj kumar

Father name - Manoj kumar

Vill - Ghosiya khurd

Class -9th

**Piyush kumar

Father name- Rajesh kumar

Vill- Ghosia khurd

Class -9th

**Prince kumar

Father name -

Avinash kumar

CLASS: 8th

Add- Thana chowk bkj

**Vishal kumar

Father name - jairam singh

CLASS: 10th

Vill- thana chowk bkj

Father occupation - Army

**Divya kumari

Father name- Govind kumar singh

Vill- Ghosiya khurd

Class - 7th

**Khusi kumari

Father name- Umashankar singh

Vill- Ghosia khurd


Padhega India tabhi badega India

Jai Hind Jai Bharat



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