FICCI Flo organizes workshop 'Instoxygen' on Mindfulness and Meditation

The main objective of this workshop was to educate on how to live a healthy life physically and mentally.

Update: 2021-05-21 12:56 GMT

Lucknow. The FICCI Flo Lucknow Chapter today organized a unique workshop aimed at helping everyone to cope with the Kovid epidemic with a calm brain, healthy lungs and a more robust immune system.

The main objective of this workshop was to educate on how to live a healthy life physically and mentally.

Insta Oxygen workshop

The Insta Oxygen workshop was moderated by expert trainers from Art of Living, Amy Patel, a celebrity stylist who worked with Bollywood A-listers stars and the highly acclaimed Art of Living expert Samarth Narayan. The aim was to teach the audience to master the art of meditation and meditation, as well as pranayama and asanas that help the body fight disease and infection during times of this epidemic.

During the 45-minute session, the two experts talked about yoga routines, pranayama, mindful meditation, healthy diet tips, mental health and many healthy topics and trained people in pulse purification pranayama, sudarshan kriya, bhrastika, bhramari pranayama .

Addressing the program, FICCI Flo Lucknow chapter chairperson Arushi Tandon said that before starting Bihar, most people do not know that meditation is also a physical experience, in meditation we can hear what is inside our body It is how we are breathing and how thoughts are flowing in us, during this process all the parts of the body work and our mind becomes calm and happy.

Arushi Tandon

Today's session was a very useful session that unbelievably required all of us, seeing how coronavirus have affected and restricted our lifestyles to such a level that many of us are sick, infected or Are seriously concerned. Being mentally and physically fit through yoga, which helps in both prevention and recovery from infection, we need to overcome these challenging times.

Some postures and breathing techniques, as well as other important information taught, made the attending members look very relaxed, calm, happy and more confident.

The program was conducted by Flo Lucknow member Rohit Suri.

Members of Flo across India including Senior Voice Chair Person Seemu Ghai, Madhuri Halvasia, Swati Verma, Vandita Aggarwal participated in the program.

 It was also broadcast live on Facebook.

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