OMG:US made Rocket Launcher found from Jawaharbagh

OMG:US made Rocket Launcher found from Jawaharbagh

Mathura: The recovery of a US made rocket launcher from Jawaharbagh in Mathura has put the intentions of Ramvriksh Yadav, the mastermind behind the killings of two police officers on June 2, in a different perspective.

A large cache of arms along with rocket launcher recovered from the place occupied by Ramvriksh and his supporters for 27 months has shown how dangerous were their intentions.. Other explosives have also been recovered.

What was recovered from Jawaharbagh?

  • US made rocket launcher, numbered, JEFFERSONON 1044047 has been found.
  • Seven bags of explosive materials have also been found.

What explosives?

  • 1 kg white coloured explosive
  • 5 kg yellow coloured explosive material.
  • 5 kg black granular explosive.
  • 1 kg iron shrapnel and broken electronic plate.

What is made from them?

  • On June 2, grenades and bombs were thrown on police.
  • It is believed that these bombs were built with explosives.
  • Broken electronics plate remote or timer-based bombs were likely to be built.

What was recovered?

  • Police had searched the Jawaharbagh on June 2.
  • During search, 45 indigenous bags and 3 rifles were recovered.

Uttar Pradesh government has setup one man judicial commission to probe the incident in which 24 person including 2 police officers were killed.